Cornelius Dufallo is an innovative composer and violinist, and a dedicated advocate of contemporary music. For the past two decades Dufallo has performed and promoted new music, as a soloist and as a collaborator. Dufallo has been a memeber of several notable ensembles, including the Flux Quartet (1996-2001), Ne(x)tworks (2003-2011), and ETHEL (2005-2012). Currently he is on the roster of the VisionIntoArt program, and he performs as a member of the Secret Quartet.

In the performance of his own work, Dufallo was described as “an intensely introspective thinker who is committed to visual communication as he is to the purely musical” (Washington Post). His work with musical technology illustrates “how much amplification can expand the instrument’s palette. Far from robbing the violin of its beauty, electronics add textural elements and graduations of timbre that the acoustic instrument cannot approximate” (The New York Times).

Dufallo’s Journaling album  (listed as Album of the Week by WQXR in 2012) includes works for solo violin and violin + electronics by John King, Joan Jeanrenaud, Huang Ruo, Vijay Iyer, John Luther Adams, and Kenji Bunch. “A truly sonic view of the modern violin as observed by many modern perspectives” (Chris McGovern, Mediatapper).



Photo credit: 2013 Jill Steinberg